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Moving in to your rented home

Moving house can be stressful. Being organised can help to avoid problems on the day or later in your tenancy. Creating a checklist of things to do will help the move run more smoothly.

 Check the details

Agree with your landlord or agent when you can move in.  Ideally, the landlord or agent should accompany you on the day you move, but they may ask you to pick up the keys from an office. If the landlord or agent isn’t going to carry out an inspection on the day you move in, find out when they intend to do this.  It’s important that they have an accurate record of the condition of the property when you first take on the tenancy.

 Getting help

If you don’t have access to a vehicle, it can be difficult to move home. Ask friends and family if they can help you move your belongings.  Some people organise moving parties and provide friends with food and drink for helping them move and unpack.

 Check the inventory

You will receive a copy of the inventory of the property on the day you move in. Check the condition of the property against the inventory provided. Any issues can be highlighted at this time and you are able to agree on the condition of the property on the day you took up the tenancy and avoid any disputes over the deposit later in the tenancy or when you move out.

 Powering up

If you live in a house with metered gas or electricity, make sure you have access to the meter cards the day you move in.

If the amenities are not pre-paid you should contact your suppliers to give them your details as quickly as possible. If you don’t do this, and the previous tenants do not pay their final bill, you may receive a bill for their usage.  The company will usually ask you to take a meter reading and will start charging you from this date.  Keep a note of the meter reading in case there are any problems when your first bill arrives.

If the property has an oil-heating system, check how much oil is in the tank and arrange for a delivery. Check your tenancy agreement in case you need to ensure that the same amount of oil is left in the tank when you leave the property. You’ll probably need to get any telephone, cable or internet services transferred into your name and transfer your television licence to your new address.


Once you’ve moved into your new home, you need to organise insurance to cover your property in case of damage or theft.  Your landlord’s insurance will only cover the building itself and any furniture or fittings that were provided with the apartment.  If there is a floor or fire in your home, you will not be entitled to any compensation unless you have your own contents insurance.

 Getting organised

Once you’ve unpacked, you can start to get organised at your new address.  You’ll need to provide your new address to:

You should also register on the electoral roll at your new address. If you watch TV or use the BBC iPlayer on your phone, computer or tablet you will need to apply for a TV licence.

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